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May 26, 2008, 5:56 pm
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I was doing a little digging to try and find out any info on the new generation of the Canon 5D.  I still haven’t found anything new, but I did stumble on this picture that was “leaked” and I got a good laugh out of it.  



May 23, 2008, 1:29 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Volunteer Ministries at an event to raise money.  They roasted Coach Bruce Pearl!  It was hilarious!  There were some low blows, but it was all in good fun and for a great cause.  Mayor Bill Haslam was our MC.  He was in the hot seat last year, so it’s only fair that he gets to be the grand marshall this year.    


To learn more about Volunteer Ministry Center and their work, go to their website HERE . If you would like to make any donations, click HERE for the link for instructions.


If you would like to be on the email list to receive notification that the rest of the images are posted on Pictage, please shoot me an email or click HERE to pre-register and get a $5 gift certificate and Pictage will notify you when the images are posted.


Dane, I know you want a copy of this!  I’ll even sign it for you!!  And yes ladies, he’s even cuter in person.

Lookin’ a little flushed there coach!

Coach Jones was modeling for the cover of “Pimps and Hustlers Magazine” (joke courtesy of Dane Bradshaw)

Coach Pearl couldn’t stay seated!  He jumped up on just about every roaster!


Everyone jokes about Coach Summit having “the look”….and it is very fierce.  However, I’m so happy I was able to get catch a great genuine laugh from her. 





Of course everyone was lined up when it was all over for an autograph from all the coaches.  

These are all of the roasters and those sitting up at the head table.  The only one we’re missing here is Ginny Weatherstone who is VMC’s fearless leader.  

My coaches collection is complete!  I now have a picture with all of the major UT coaches.  This picture was taken by Coach Tony Jones.  Coach Jones, I think you need a little photo lesson.  Maybe between groups at the next Fore The Kids Golf Tournament.  






May 15, 2008, 8:24 pm
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OK, for everyone waiting on pictures.  I have several sessions finished and are awaiting the chance to be uploaded onto Pictage.  I have been in a fight with all of my FTP programs this week and have not been able to upload the first thing.  So until we can resolve our differences, I’m going to upload everything to my website.  I will send you an email when your pictures are up and how to get to them.  This won’t count against your 3 months online.  Rest assured, your images are all safe and fabulous.  It’s just been one of those weeks where I am technologically challenged.  

Rob and Jenny’s Wedding
May 15, 2008, 5:43 am
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**MVP SIDE NOTE**Just so everyone knows, I’m running about a 6 week turnaround for weddings and 2-3 weeks for sessions and events.  I’m very sorry about the delays, but I’m working over time to try and get that turnaround time down.


Rob and Jenny got married a few weeks ago at The Museum of Appalachia.  This was my first time up there, and it was so fun.  It’s such a great location to have a wedding because there’s so much character.  The weather was a threat, as it has been all season, and ended up cooperating.  While we were shooting the guys, it rained on us for about 10 minutes, and that’s it!  They were still able to have their wedding outside and it was beautiful.  There were a few drops during the reception which forced more people on the dance floor and kept everyone dancing for a while.  They were a fun couple and I wish them all the best.

I just love the old fences there.

Then Rob showed up while we were taking pictures.  That’s him in the truck pulling up.

You can kind of see the girls in the back behind the truck while one of the groomsmen tried to shield Rob…but he wasn’t quite tall enough!

There are a TON of peacocks around the property.  They’re really tame, but hard to get pictures of.  I sprinted across the field and stalked this one till I got it’s feathers.  

Gotta love a huge stack of hay.


Can you find the rings in the haystack?

This was the first encounter I had with the flower girl.  She was stopped at the end of the aisle and I got her attention.  She then walked up to me and stopped completely.  Then I said something about her mommy and she took off running!  Later I gave her a little bit of a Doodlebops concert and we were BFFs from that point on.


How many of you groomsmen out there want a poster of this picture?!




I really liked this picture of Rob dancing with his mom.  They had just about everyone on that dance floor.  It was a ton of fun.

You guessed it!  I couldn’t let all of these props go without taking advantage of them.

Check out that moon!!!




Leslie, Leigh, and Brittany
May 14, 2008, 2:14 am
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Leslie contacted me a little while ago to do some family pictures for them.  So we were finally able to get our schedules together and shoot around downtown a few weeks ago.  I had such a great time hanging out with them.  They kept me laughing between Leigh’s version of The Lion King and Brittany’s dramatic interpretation of the life of a flower.  I guess you had to be there…it was hilarious!  Anyway, enjoy!









When we were finished shooting around, we stopped at the new Marble Slab in Market Square for a delicious treat!



Jeremiah and Meredith’s e.session
May 13, 2008, 2:36 am
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I got to hang out with Jeremiah and Meredith a couple of weeks ago.  We had a great time shooting around downtown with them and Meredith’s daughter Peyton.  We were kind of hoping that it would rain, I know that sounds crazy.  Anyway, the weather was beautiful, so we had to make our own rain.  



We walked through the farmer’s market on Market Square





A fun little family picture






We went to the World’s Fair Park and used the fountains to make our own rain!

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve got a little American Gothic thing going on this year.


Ellie’s Bridal
May 8, 2008, 2:55 pm
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I did my sister’s bridal session back in March down in Atlanta.  She asked me not to post any of the pictures till after the wedding.  Since they got married on Saturday, I’m free to post!  


Noah was watching Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something like that.

He took a break to see what was going on…but a brief one because his stories were on.

That’s Shannon.  She came down to Callaway to do all of our hair and started with me at 7am!

Then we took it down to The Fox Theatre






This was in a great little bar/restaurant right next to The Fox.  It’s called Bazzaar and has the coolest atmosphere.  They were so kind to let us shoot in there some.  If you happen to make your way in there, make sure you told them that you heard about them from this post.  


For a little garden feel, we went to one of the parks in Ansley Park.

While we were over there, we went to our cousin’s house for a great solid background.

Something I had been wanting to do for a while was shoot on some escalators.  I really wanted to go into Bloomingdale’s because it’s always so light and the escalators made really cool lines.  So we got permission to shoot and they even turned off one of the escalators for us so she didn’t have to ride up and down and try to pose.  Thanks Bloomies!