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Michal and Elizabeth in Memphis
October 30, 2008, 7:02 pm
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You may remember Michal and Elizabeth from their e.session back in May.  They got married at the beginning of October in Elizabeth’s parents back, well, side yard.  They’re house is incredible and was the perfect setting for their wedding.

Michal planted a tree in their front yard that day.  If you remember, they climbed a tree on their first date, so the hope is that they will eventually be able to bring their kids there and they’ll be able to climb the tree.

This was right before Elizabeth put her dress on

Elizabeth’s mom made her veil for her sister’s wedding.  So it was very special for Liz to wear it for her wedding.

Fun shoes!

The flowers were amazing.

We were fighting with the light, but I think we managed!

I loved the cut fruit in the center pieces

What happens when you light several sparklers at once?


Attention “Underage” Brides
October 28, 2008, 10:56 pm
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Just after I got the email about the Halloween candy, I received an email from MTV announcing that they are currently casting for Season 3 of Engaged and Underage.  Here is the press release.



And MTV wants a front row seat

on your special day!

If you are already engaged and between the ages of 18-22, then MTV wants to hear from you!

MTV’s popular documentary series, Engaged & Underage, wants to tell your love story – the excitement of the engagement, the ups and downs of the planning, the fun along the way, and, of course, THE BIG DAY!!!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

You and your future spouse should both appear to be between the ages of 18 and 22.  Best case scenario: you’re getting married in 2008 or January 2009.







Tell us when and where you are getting married and why this is important to you. Include your name, phone number, email address and a digital photo of you and your future spouse, if possible.

so incredibly overwhelmed
October 18, 2008, 12:01 am
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I’ve had such a great couple of months of shooting.  I’ve had great clients and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  The downside of getting to travel to amazing locations with top notch people means that I haven’t been able to be in the office to work on said pictures.  My to-do list is so jammed that it’s overwhelming to the point that I want to cry.  We also went on vacation last week (to Disney…we had an amazing time), which meant a fun week of catching up.  Noah’s school has fall break next week, so that’s not going to be a promising work week.  If you are waiting on pictures, album designs, enlargements, a response from me via email or phone, or anything at all from me…please please please be patient with me.  I’m doing the best I can right now.

So with all of that being said, I’ve grown tired of having weeks and weeks of this.  In order to attempt to get my life back and simplify things, I am not taking any more sessions for the rest of the year.  If you are already booked with me or if you are a wedding next year that needs an engagement session, you guys are safe.  However, if you don’t already have a session booked with me, I’m very sorry because you’ll need to wait until January.  I will gladly book you then.  My goal is to have everything knocked out and an even more streamlined workflow in place by then.  I’m also going to take this time to make some much needed changes that are already in the works.  I need some time to remember why Iove doing this.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, I’ve just lost my way under all of the back-end work.     

I’m very sorry that I’ve let myself get to this point.  Sometimes life just gets away from you and you can’t catch back up unless you take charge.  I’m taking charge and getting my life and business back.

October 15, 2008, 2:37 pm
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Emily and Mark were also in town during the big family weekend.  Emily is actually Michael’s twin sister.  It was really great to see both of them again.  They brought their dog Kadie down to get a couple of glamour shots.  Maybe I have a future in 4 legged children photography!







Jeff, Natalie, and Lottie
October 15, 2008, 2:30 am
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The day after Michael and Rebecca’s e.session, I shot Michael’s cousin Jeff’s family.  The whole family was in town that weekend, so you’ll be seeing some other family members over the next few posts.  I was really excited when Natalie emailed me wanting to do a session because I hadn’t met Charlotte (aka Lottie) yet.  I got some really great shots, even though Lottie decided she didn’t want to smile for me.  I was lucky enough to catch a little smile while they were putting her back in her car seat.  As soon as she heard the shutter click, she pulled that smile right back.  At least I got one. 












There it is!  The smile I was talking about.

Michael and Rebecca – e.session
October 15, 2008, 1:08 am
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I’m so excited to shoot MIchael and Rebecca’s wedding next year in Boston.  They were in town a couple of weeks ago and we were able to go around downtown Maryville and do an e.session.  It was a great time for us to get to know each other better and just have a good time.  




















Miss Carmen and Chris Walker
October 3, 2008, 10:36 pm
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I was friends with Carmen in college and then we lost touch after I graduated.  I never would have guessed that our paths would cross again the way that they did.  Her older sister Lynn, who I was also friends with, has started shooting for me.  Many of you have met her a time or two at weddings that she’s shot with me.  Carmen just recently moved back to East Tennessee and took a job with TEIS (Tennessee Early Intervention Services) and has become our in home therapist for Noah!  She’s been wonderful and I feel like his biggest strides have been a direct result from working with her.  We’re so fortunate to have her back in our lives.  

Just a few months ago, she got engaged to Chris Walker, her best friend of 15 years.  I think that the only 2 people who didn’t know they were going to end up together were Carmen and Chris!  The decided to get married in Ocean Isle, NC (just an hour north of Pawleys Island which is where I was the weekend before with Wells and Kate).  I was able to ride out there with Chris and Carmen and spend the week with her family.  It was really nice to get away and spend some time on the coast.  I was even able to get up to Wilmington to see my friend Millie Holloman and her crew.  Everything was the way a low key beach wedding should be.  Everyone was really laid back and there were very few stresses.  The only thing I think we all would have changed would be having a coordinator for the day of.  I was shooting and directing the processional at the same time!  It went well though and there weren’t any hiccups.  Anyway, I’m going to stop chit chatting and show you the pictures already.  I’m also putting her b.session pictures at the end of the post.  We went to our Alma Mater Carson-Newman.  Very Fun!





“Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, COVERGIRL!!!



They decided (and by they, I mean Chris) not to see each other before.  They couldn’t stay away though!  So between their photo time in the schedule, they met at a corner for a quick chat…but never actually saw eachother….which made for a cool shot.






Chris is a musician and wanted to sing to Carmen as she walked down the aisle.  That was a first for me.  I was actually wondering if he was going to make it.  He did!  it was really beautiful and I got this awesome shot of Carmen watching him sing.

Her ring was a surprise, so this Carmen seeing her wedding ring for the first time as he put it on her finger. 




After we did pictures with everyone, we hopped in the car and drove a mile down the beach to this amazing pier.  I LOVE all the lines!






Carmen’s dad is a potter, Alewine Pottery, and he made the cups for the reception that everyone took home.

Chris sang a song that he wrote about Carmen at the reception.


Here is Carmen’s B.Session