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Wells and Kate
October 2, 2008, 2:16 am
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I got to go to Pawleys Island, SC a couple of weeks ago to shoot Wells and Kate’s wedding at this incredible plantation, Litchfield Plantation.  This was everything I love about the south and the coast, except the heat.  I met Kate through Charles and Kacey Jones which you should remember from last December.  I knew that if Wells and Kate had even half the amount of fun that Charles and Kacey had, I was in for a treat.  I was right.  I had so much fun from the time I started shooting the guys getting ready trying to get their ties tied just right till the time I ran through the Myrtle Beach airport to make it on my plane to leave the next day.  Oh, by the way, they did something I’ve never done with anyone….ever.  You’ll find out what that was at the end of this post.  This is going to be a super long post, so I’ll stop the chit chat and get to it.

**UPDATE**  Wells put a post on his blog HERE.  Yes it is true, I did threaten to punch one of the groomsmen in the throat…but it was well deserved!

**ANOTHER UPDATE** I didn’t put a link to the coordinator’s website.  I worked with Robyn Heath of Worry Free Weddings.  She was absolutely wonderful to work with.  Thanks for everything Robyn!




Isn’t this chair cool?!  A perfect place to showcase Kate’s Jimmy Choo’s.

I can’t decide if I like this picture in color…

or B&W

Nothing says let’s party like a bottle of Dom!

These are Kate’s parents.  I thought it was a cute picture of the 2 of them.

Wells and Kate met when their dogs had a bit of a, um, disagreement while on a walk.  Don’t worry, they get along now.  It was just a clever ploy to get their owners together.

It’s always special to watch a bride being escorted down the aisle.  However, this was extra special because Kate’s dad normally gets around via his wheel chair.  This was very emotional for us all and Mr. Schneider had a smile plastered on his face the whole way.    



Um, I think you guys were supposed to be praying.  tisk tisk!



YUM!  Puppy Kisses!

Now kiss Kate!  He wiped his mouth off, I promise!







They closed it down!  They kept dancing while everyone waited to send them off outside.


This is the beautiful Plantation house at about 11pm.


And this is the plantation house at 6:30 AM!  Yes, this is the fun first time shoot….a day after shoot.  I told them that they were going to want to call me and say forget it when the alarm goes off…but it would be TOTALLY worth it.   

I don’t want to say I told you so…BUT I TOTALLY TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!





This is Wells’ parents house.  It’s right on the beach and across from a saltwater marshy type creek area that’s amazing.

If they weren’t awake by this point, they were at the end of this series.  This is a joggling board.  It’s this great long bendy board that you can either rock side to side on or bounce on.  Kate and Wells chose to bounce UP…



DOWN!!!  It was hilarious.

Here’s that beautiful marshy area I was talking about.

It’s not really a marsh…it’s very clean and you can swim in it.  The water was pretty warm.  This is Wells’ favorite part of Pawleys Island.