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Harry Potter
July 21, 2007, 2:27 pm
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Yes, I went to the Harry Potter party at Borders last night. I have never been to one before, but I figured that since this is the last book and they won’t be doing this again, I needed to experience it. I had such a great time looking at all of the costumes and little Harry’s walking around. I’m sure that Border’s was WAY beyond their capacity and would have been shut down if the fire marshall came through. But the staff handled everyone so well and I only saw one little boy crying and one angry mother. That says a lot when there are hundreds of people trying to be the first in line for something they are very passionate about. Since I didn’t think ahead and reserve a copy, I got branded with the dreaded purple wristband which meant I was in the last group to get in line. I wasn’t the last person, but there were only about 5 people behind me. I was really expecting to not get called till about 3am, but I was out of there at 1:35. I took so many pictures and some video. When I get back from my wedding this afternoon, I’ll try to post some.

Also, can you believe that not 2 minutes after the book was released, a man came in to warn everyone that there were people outside trying to spoil it?! I watched just about all of the kids walk by me opening to the first page before they reached the door. They put all this effort into their costumes and invested the time into waiting with several hundred of their “close personal friends” just to walk outside and have someone try to tell them what happens. I’m sure that the chance of them actually knowing what happens is slim to none, but a kid doesn’t always know that. All they know is that someone just spoiled the whole book for them and they’re really upset. You might as well psych them up for Christmas for a solid year and then come christmas morning say “just kidding!” I’m sorry I’m on my little soap box about that, but that really upset me.

I wish I had gone to the previous parties. I had a great time. Here’s to you Borders for putting on a great “dork” party! (That’s what Adam has been calling it)


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