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Times, they are a changin’
January 9, 2009, 3:58 am
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I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent lately.  There’s been so much going on and blogging has been the last thing on my mind.  I will have some pictures to post sometime, as soon as I can get around to them.  

The Knoxville Bridal Show is going on this weekend and we’ve decided to do a redesign on our booth.  It’s going to be amazing, I hope.  We’ve been working really hard on it and I’ve even involved the help of one of my neighbors.  In my minds eye, it’s killer, but I haven’t set it all up yet, so I could be totally wrong.  I guess we’ll see on Sunday!  If any of you are planning on being at the show, please come by and say hey.  Send other cool people you meet along the way also.  Let me know what you think about the booth too, you can be honest…but I might kick you in the shins if you say the wrong thing.  If you want to save $2 on your ticket, register online by clicking HERE.

I’m going through some re-branding right now.  It’s going to be unveiled at the show on Sunday, another reason to come see me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to launch a new website and blog next week too.  So stay tuned for all that jazz.

Noah started school on Tuesday.  You heard me right, school.  I haven’t posted about him lately, so here’s the cliff’s notes version.  He has stumped the experts!  He had an autism evaluation at the beginning of December and the psychologist basically said he didn’t know.  We went over everything that tests said and that he observed and what things pointed one way and what pointed the other.  So he said “he’s kind of autistic”.  A few days before that, he had an evaluation with ChildFind, which is the program to help get the kids who have delays and disabilities into a preschool.  The women that evaluated him came in all professional and everything and then when they came back to me after being with him for about an hour or so, they were giggly and smitten with my boy!  He’s a charmer!!  They basically said that on paper, he has autism.  However, the same doubts register with everyone.  He has so many things that point away from autism.  So as of now, the psychologist has diagnosed him with “Noah” and the ChildFind experts have diagnosed him as a child with speech and language impairments.  We really think that he will benefit greatly from being at preschool 4 days a week with teachers who are trained to deal with kids with special needs.  There’s already a little boy in his class who is helping Noah stay on track and do what he’s supposed to.  So we’ll have to re-evaluate him in about 6 or so months to see if he’s improved and what the tests say.  It’s a little frustrating to still not know one way or the other, but we’re really happy that he hasn’t been given the autism label if he may not be.  I’ll keep you posted though.

So there’s been a lot going on here.  It’s a new year and I can’t wait to get these January shows behind me so I can start implementing my resolutions for the business.  My hope is that I’ll be able to stay on top of things better this year now that I will have Noah in school for 4 mornings a week.  Here’s to hoping!


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You are dedicated to do two shows in a month, you go girl! That’s great news to hear that Noah absolutely wonderful that he hasn’t been given the full label of autism…children are amazingly resilient and he has a good mama to see him through (: See you at the Chatt show in a few weeks!

Comment by Meghan

Hey there bet you didn’t expect to hear from me! Thanks for the invite to the show, Have a terrific time and hope to see pic’s of that couch!
It was a pleasure to help to “save the date”

Comment by christina

Hey Meggie … just wanted to say that your booth looked SO GOOD!!! Beautiful – congrats! I know you’ll have a ton of response from the show because your space was totally crowded every time I passed by. Also we got our canvas and its perfect. I love it! Thanks so much!

Comment by julie roberts

Hey Meggie! Your booth was great! My cousin went with me to the show, and she thought it looked very inviting. Which showed to be true since your booth was crowded every time I walked by. I would have stopped to chat, but there were so many people that were wanting to talk to you. I decided that I would just send you a message. Can’t wait to see the new website, blog, and branding! It will be great! : D See you soon!

Comment by Rebecca Thompson

Dear Meggie,
I was a musician vendor at the Chattanooga show this past week and I was mesmerized by your photography. anyway started reading your blog and the one about your little boy and the speech and language issues autism ((hate labels) caught my eye because I dealt with this same issue with my own son at the same age of 4. He is now 14 and doing very well because I did sensory therapy with him and went to an awesome person Kim Coffey lives in Ooltewah TN 423-238-6205 who is a miracle worker. Book you may want to check out is Out of Sync child. I did all these daily things with him like have him push heavy things, drink thick milkshakes, wrap him up in a blanket tight and swing him every day. ( it stimulates the vestibular system. We also did speech therapy . anyway I see that this was a year ago you posted this. I hope Noah is doing well and that the preschool is working out. I did therapy for years with my son and it paid off big results. He would not look people in the eye , loud noises bothered him,etc. anyway feel free to e-mail if you interested in my experience with my son. I always like to help others because there were so many wonderful people who helped me with my son Taylor.

Comment by Lisa Ferguson

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