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Miss Christian Bush!
December 13, 2008, 2:33 pm
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Jennifer and Brandon have been waiting for Christian for a long time.  Jennifer and I used to work together (pre this crazy business).  So when I went to see them in the hospital, I had to take my camera to snag a few shots of the sweet family.  Just so you know, Jennifer is one of those girls that if you’re a woman that has been pregnant, you hate.  She was so cute!  When I last saw her, which was only about a month ago, she still looked the exact same except for a basketball at her belly.  Then when I went to see her, she looked great!  She wasn’t a hot mess like the rest of us.  She’ll be back in her true religions  by next week!  I hate you J.Bush ;o)!

This is the only time that she made a peep.  It was the sweetest cry.  She was protesting having her diaper changed.




In case you can’t read what her shirt says, it’s possibly my new favorite 2 chix shirt (which I’m a HUGE fan of).  It says “You had me at Epidural”.


hehehehehe……this is her pope hat!


I think this is my favorite picture.


Jennifer and Brandon were so great.  They were already pros at handling her.  She was also a little different from other newborns, she didn’t really care if she was all swadled up or not.  She was cool to just hang out.  She will make a fine girlfriend for Noah!


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Welcome Baby Christian! She’s beautiful-great pix!

Comment by Ang

These are amazing…I wish I would have thought of them with Sydney…I would love for you to come in for our next one. Might be awhile since I have to do IVF but count of having a job in the future. You do the most phenominal work….I love it!

Comment by Lani Clemmer

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