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Twilight Support Group
September 25, 2008, 8:46 pm
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First things first…..don’t judge me…I’m crazy!

A friend of mine turned me on to these books a couple of weeks ago, and I’m a crazy woman.  I started reading the first book, Twilight, on the 12th when I went out to Pawley’s Island to shoot Wells and Kate’s wedding (which was awesome) and finished it a couple of hours after I got back that Sunday night.  I went out on Monday and bought the next 3 books.  I can’t put them down.  I just started the 4th book yesterday and I’m trying to stretch it because it’s the last one.  When I’ve gone a while without reading them, I feel anxious!!!  When I’m not reading them, I’m thinking about them!  I had Carmen and Chris Walker’s wedding this past weekend (which was also awesome) in Ocean Isle and I was there for most of the week with them.  Whenever I wasn’t shooting or being a friend, I was reading!!!  I’m sorry if I wasn’t the best house guest because I was too busy being a silly bookworm.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’ve never been fanatical about anything to the point of tears, but these books have some crazy hold on me.  I started to think that I had some things deep down that needed to be released and that these books just happen to unlock that part of brain to let them.  However, as I’ve come across people (some total strangers) who have read the books, I’ve learned that it’s NOT JUST ME!  I feel so much better knowing that these books have a vice on EVERYONE who reads them….not just crazy emotional overworked (because I choose to be) women.  This is not just me trying to be funny, this is seriously unhealthy.  I loved the Harry Potter books just as much as the next person, but these are different.  I can’t describe it, but all of you who have read them know what I’m talking about.  I’m an crazy obsessed mad woman!!!  I’m sorry to all of you, my friends and family, that have taken the heat of some of this craziness because I’m pushing you to read them.  I just feel like I’m out on this Twilight island alone and I need some of you to join me!  I think that I may need a support group once I’m done reading the 4th book without a 5th to pick up.

I read on the author’s website,, that she may not finish writing the 5th book because someone leaked her manuscript…boo.  Stephenie, if you happen upon my blog and this post, please just email me whether I should wait because you will publish it or go ahead and follow the link on your website to the manuscript that was leaked.  I want to finish the 4th book and pick up the 5th, but I want to read it the way that it’s supposed to be read.  BOO HISSS to all you people out there that think it’s ok to put someone else’s work up on the internet without their permission.

The movie of the first book is due to come out November 21st.  Rumor has it that it was the reason that the 6th Harry Potter movie was pushed back to next summer (which I’m bummed about, but will take the trade off in a heartbeat).  If you don’t want to know anything about the book before you read it, then don’t go to the movie website just yet.  The trailers tell you more information than you may want to know.  Wait till after you’ve read it, which will only take a couple of days.

Like I said, I’m a crazy person and I need a support group.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself!  I guess I’ll have to go back to working on more pictures for you to see!!  I’m actually editing Ryan and Blair’s pictures from the beginning of September to blog and I should have them ready for you sometime tomorrow.

Oh, something fun I think that the author, Stephenie Meyer, does is create soundtracks to each book.  She has a page on her site that has the music she was listening to while she wrote the books.  I think the choices are interesting.  I don’t hear that music when I read these books though.  I hear the complete opposite.  So I thought I would put together a little playlist of the music I hear in my head when I’m reading.

(these are actually songs that I listen to while I’m editing too….maybe that’s why I hear them all the time.  I keep updating this part of my post because I keep thinking of great songs and the story keeps changing, so do my song choices)

“The Ludlows” – James Horner

“The Gravel Road” – James Newton Howard

“Claire De Lune” – Claude DeBussy

“Evacuating London” – Harry Gregson-Williams

“What are you asking of me” – James Newton Howard

“Will You help me?” – James Newton Howard

“Peter” – Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

“No Holly for Miss Quinn” – Enya

“Rituals” – James Newton Howard

“The Marriage” – Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

“Let Go” – Frou Frou

“William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – the Balcony Scene” – Performed by The City of Prague Philharmonc

“Fix You” – Coldplay

“Only Hope” – Switchfoot

“Colorblind” – Counting Crows

“On a Night Like This” – Dave Barnes

“My Love” – Sara Bareilles

“Today” – Joshua Radin

“Letting Go” – Johnnyswim

“Why’d You Do It?” – Johnnyswim

“Not Gonna Leave Me Here” – Johnnyswim

“Paperweight” – Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk

“Bella’s Lullaby” – Carter Burwell (a song from the actual movie and not just my head)

“Lovely Tonight” – Joshua Radin

“Fairground” – Joby Talbot

Once again….crazy….I know….it’s bad.

**NOTE**  To anyone who plans on leaving a comment on my blog regarding Twilight and you want to be a spoiler, I will not post your comment.  Keep it clean and friendly.

***UPDATE 2.9.09***  My assistant Katie told me that if you google “twilight support group”, this post is the 4th to come up.  I just googled it, and she’s wrong.  IT’S THE 1st!!!!!  HAHAHA!!!!!  See everyone reading this post desperate to wonder what’s wrong with you, you aren’t alone.  I also just updated the playlist with a couple other goodies.


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Oh my goodness! I am addicted!! I’m almost done with the 4th book right now! Never in a million years would I have dreamed that this series would take over my life like it has! That’s all I want to do and when I’m not reading it, I’m dreaming or thinking about it! I’ll be part of your support group! ha!

Comment by Bridgette Wallace

girl I am hooked too!! I have 3 chapters left in book 4!!!!! Read slow bc there are no more!! I am so sad it is almost over. UGH, if you want to save $$ I can give 3 and 4 to your mom, I borrowed 1 and 2

Comment by erin

I have not read these books…but suddenly i’m hearing about the EVERYWHERE! All of my girlfriends are hooked! so you are not alone by any means. and i just might have to start reading them.

and i second the “boo” for whoever leaked her manuscript…laaaame

Comment by cara

Ok you are officially crazy. Not only have you stopped me in the cul de sac to talk about these books but you are now blogging about them! HAHAHA. Please don’t quit your day job, join a twilight cult and move away. Help is on its way dear friend. Help is on its way.
(And by help I mean I will start reading them this weekend.)

Comment by Jessi

[…] 5:24 pm Filed under: Weddings So I’ve taken a little break from my current book obsession, Twilight, as a feeble attempt to drag the last 200 pages of the 4th book out to last as long as I can stand […]

Pingback by Ryan and Blair « Meggie Velasco Photography

I absolutely know what you mean by obsessed… i keep trying to force my friends to read the books so they’ll understand.
I just stumbled upon the series about a month ago and read the first book then saw the movie and then went back to re reading the first book 🙂 I planned ahead for dragging the series out as long as possible.
I started the second book yesterday and am almost halfway through… however i’ve been moping around work since because of the devastation of the first couple chapters. Someone help me, tell me everything will be ok.
Crazy is ok, i think people who dont LOVE these books are crazy! HA!

Comment by joanna

OMG!!!!! Thank you!!! I have never felt like this. I feel like crying and I keep getting anxious. How do you think I found your site??? I typed in Twilight Support Group!!!! It is not healthy, I am almost afraid to start the 4th book. I feel I now have that hole in me the Bella does in the second book. How do I stop it!!!

Comment by Carolyn

You guys are all great! Hi, I’m meggie, and I’m a recovering “fan-pire”, and I’m feeling strong in my sobriety. I had to walk away from the whole series when I read the last book because they got to me so much. I do plan on picking them back up again, but only when I can afford to lose another month of my life. Thank you to everyone who has left me comments and showed me that people actually read my blog.

Comment by Meggie

So my friend found this blog and e-mailed it to me as a joke. She teases me about my adiction the this series. I will admit, I am obsessed!!! I started Twilight one day and couldn’t stop reading. I finished Breaking Dawn 8 days later. I have since read them all again (a few times in the last month). I keep trying to read other books, but they just don’t pull me in the same way. Just as an FYI: the “5th” book (Midnight Sun), is actually the same as Twilight, but is written from Edward’s point of view. Stephenie Meyer has since posted the partial draft on her website (as mentioned You can read the first 264 pages. It is VERY good. It kind of sucks that it just ends, unfinished, but if you have already read Twilight than you would still enjoy it, since you know what happens. Also, she has several “outtakes” from Twilight & New Moon. For those of us that just can’t get enough!

Comment by Hannah

I googled “Twilight support group”. I started reading the series the week of thanksgiving. Since then I have tormented everyone in my life by constinly chatting “Twilight”. I felt the same way about having hidden feeling that the book released in me. I am now reading the complete series for the 3rd time…yeah tell me about it…hehe. Im 23 and more obsested by a teens love life than I ever was as a teen. I havent decided wheather to thank Stephanie, or hate her for the way I feel. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME FEEL LIKE IM NOT THE ONLY CRAZY PERSON OVER THESE SERIES. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Comment by Nikki

Thank you for this! I’ve been crying for days and feeling really crazy for doing so. I got all 4 for Xmas. I blasted right through to the third one, but now I have to stop myself from reading the 4th, at least until I get through an important photo job this weekend. (I don’t want to start crying right there at the convention!!!) I’m so relieved to read all these posts! I thought I was an emotional defect! And it’s not even like any of the books I read have a sad ending or anything, so why all the tears?! Thanks for the support!

Comment by Jen

Right there with you – still working on Breaking Dawn, and have put off all work on my thesis until it is finished. I’ve “snuck off” to see the movie three times, telling my husband about the first time only… I’m sure he’ll think I’m nuts… I spent a long time yesterday doing that (apparently typical) “Twilight Crying” which I can’t figure out, and also made me think I was crazy… glad to know I’m not alone!!!!

Comment by Casey

I’m still putting off the 4th book. Gotta get through the weekend first. But for those of you out there crying all the time, don’t worry. Every day it gets better. Distance yourself from the books, just for a little while. They’ll still be there when you are ready for them again. It’s been 78 hours since I finished Eclipse and I think today might be my first tear-free day.

Comment by Jen

Sigh. I’m in the boat, too. I just finished the series, every last bit(e) of it. I cried a lot during new moon, because I could relate to Bella. I cant help but wish I was a teenager again. I’m convinced my adult love life will suffer futher after reading these books. I’m 23 and haven’t been so obsessed with a fictional character since Jordan Catalano. Sigh, will anything ever compare?

Comment by Katie

I just finished the last book. How magnificent! But, fortunately, this book didn’t own me like the others. I enjoyed it without falling apart. Maybe taking a break after the 3rd one was what made the difference. I’m sure I’ll start the series over again soon! Plus, I still have the Midnight Sun pages to look forward to… I hope she changes her mind and finishes it.

Comment by Jen

She did change her mind. It will be published but only after she finishes another project! Who else thinks it would be great for her to write a book about Renesmee?

Comment by Katie

How did you find out that she is going to publish it?

Comment by Larissa


Comment by Meggie

A Renesmee book would be cool. And it might be neat if she wrote some of it through Jacob’s eyes again. Hey Katie, how did you find out about Midnight Sun?

Comment by Jen

I’m not alone! It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasnt’ read the books. I read them in 8 days. I could not put them down. They were a drug. In Breaking Dawn I reread my favorite 100 pages or so about 4 times and finally just gave up and reread the entire book. I am trying to taper off. I’ve given up on tv and anything in the news. I know I need to read something else other than something in the series, but I feel like there’s no way to ever enjoy anything as much again. Typing in Twilight Support Group shows the agony I’m in. I haven’t felt this crazy since I was a teenager and that was a few years ago. I don’t feel so alone knowing there are others out there.

Comment by Angie

Angie, chill out girl! Savor the fact that you somehow found your way to this wonderful series- which I’m now refering to as ‘one of life’s gifts! But for your own sanity, you’ve got to muster up some sself-control. Force yourself to go 2 days without reading any of it. And don’t sneak off to the theater, either. If you just distance yourself a little, the series won’t own you anymore. And then you can take comfort in knowing that you can always explore it again in the future sometime, perhaps when your emotional spectrum needs a good tuning. Anyway, I’m with you on the kudos to this website. It helped me through my meltdown when I got done with Eclipse. Knowing there are others was reassuring! TTYL Jen

Comment by Jen

I just finished the series, and I havent had any book take hold of me like these 4 books did, I was completely entranced…it was more fun than I imagined, now I’m considering reading them all over again, cause I miss the characters so much….it’s just like Stephenie Meyers said, the characters do end up meaning so much to the reader, guess that makes her such a tremendous writer…I’m a huge fan! Thanx Stephenie!

Comment by Talin Gebbia

I have to agree with you. I received the first 2 books for Christmas, and read through them both in a week. It forced me to buy the other two books, which I read in another week. I’ve read the entire series (as well as the portion of Midnight Sun off Stephenie Meyer’s website) TWICE!!! I’ve bought t-shirts, key rings, a charm bracelet and the soundtrack – all because I can’t get this freakin’ series out of my brain! My best friend told me I needed a support group, and lo and behold, here you are. Sounds like I’m not alone…although I feel like I’ve lost my mind (and my husband is quite certain that I have). Is there any help?? Is there any escape?? Or am I stuck for eternity wishing for a bite from a vampire that doesn’t exist? Say it with me….hello, my name is Mary, and I am a Twilight addict and have been for 2 months.

Comment by Mary

HI MARY! You are not alone. I’ve only read through the series once because I had to put them down and walk away. I was neglecting my work and my family. My cousin picked them up a couple of weeks ago and I found myself insanely jealous. She was about to read them for the first time and had no idea what all was going on, what was happening, if Edward would come back, if she would choose Jacob, or if everyone would make it through to the end or not. I was SO JEALOUS! She tried to make me tell her what was going to happen and I got angry with her because she didn’t know the gift that she had, till one of her coworkers started asking her the same questions! She finally realized why I refused to tell her anything because she was feeling that same jealousy. I’m starting to get antsy to read them, but I’m having to resist so I won’t neglect my work. Hi, I’m Meggie, I am a Twilight addict and I’ve been sober for 3.5 months….but the movie better hurry up and get to the dollar theater before I explode!

Comment by meggievelasco

I would also LOVE to see New Moon but from Edward’s perspective! Midnight Sun was such a blast to read. I found myself with Twilight in my hand while reading Midnight Sun, going through both at the same time. It was so cool to pair the two up. But, I would LOVE to have Edward’s perspective during New Moon – what he was thinking, what he did while he was gone (we know he did more than just hunt and lose Victoria – it was agony for him too!). If I could, I’d plant the idea in Stephenie Meyer’s brain. What does everyone think?

Comment by mary

Hey, did anyone get the two-disc special edition (not the Border’s version) and it didn’t have any paperwork on the inside? Mine just has the two discs. There are plastic thingies that look like they’re there to hold a booklet, but there was no booklet. Did I get shafted somehow?

Comment by Jen

I got mine at Borders and it didn’t have anything in it. I did buy the book that the director put out that was all of her notes from the movie. It’s pretty cool. It’s like a journal with pictures from location scouting, casting, wardrobe, and stills from the movie.

Comment by Meggie

I am very happy to read your blog and see that I am not alone. I have finished book 3, I am a little behind this whole craze. I had to take a break because I have gone into a serious depression. I dont know why I can totally relate with the characters and feelings in this book, I too think it must be bringing up emotional baggage from my past. I am 36 years old for crying out loud. I just finished the Harry Potter series before this and loved it! But no book has ever had this kind of power over me. I think it has to be bad or unhealthy! I am waiting for my daughter to finish the 4th book so I can read it, but I keep feeling like I am gonna steal it from Has anyone been able to get over the addiction? I really need help.

Comment by Katerina

I’m 49 and have never read a book twice, let alone 3 times! And really haven’t read a novel for years to tell you the truth. I had bought this book for my son a year ago and finally picked it up out of curiousity. It’s consumed my life for a few months now and I have my friends reading it, and even my mom! I think I’m so sad because I feel I’ll never know a love like Bella and Edwards’ and can’t let go of imagining it for myself…..

Comment by Cindy

Cindy – I’m just now looking at the Twilight Support group site, because, like you, I feel sad for exactly what you said – about feeling sad or cheated that I’ll never have the kind of love between Bella and Edward. And then they had to go and cast Rob Pattinson as Edward and put “skin” on the Edward character!!! Now that’s not fair!! I find I can’t stop thinking about Twilight saga or Rob Pattinson – I’m trying very hard to get over this. I have read all four books and am waiting awhile to read them for a second time. It feels like depression! Do you feel the same way? I think it has to do with Stephanie Meyers incredible writing, the love that most women want in their lives, and then mix it with the beauty of Rob Pattinson!! Trouble!!

Comment by Kelly

Katerina, it gets better. After I finished the series I found this blog. I’m 40 and thought I was crazy too. I reread the books again….and then started reading fan fiction on the series. I didn’t want it to end. I felt like it was a drug – how crazy. I’m better and when I think of the books now, I smile and get a warm feeling about the experience. It really hurt for a while. You are not alone. It’s been about 3 months since I finished the books again. I will eventually read them again, but I’ve been able to move on a little and read several more things. The series will always have a special place in my heart. Anyone who reads them I think feels the same way. It will get better and I know that’s hard to believe – but it will. Good luck and enjoy the 4th book. There’s still a lot to learn and feel!

Comment by Angie

This blog post has been pretty crazy. I am a photographer and I use this blog to post recent things going on with me and my business. I never really thought that this post would get to so many people.

Yes, it does get better. In fact, when I finished the 4th book I had to put them down and walk away. I haven’t picked them up again because I want to forget as much as I can so I can try to read them again fresh. My advice is to allow all of the feelings to sink in and take over for a small amount of time. Then start using those feelings to pull yourself out of your rut. I had to have a serious conversation with my husband about it. Once I let the emotions run their course and I spoke to my loved ones about it, I walked away from them and started to heal.

If you guys are looking for something else to read, I just started the Inkheart series. I’ve enjoyed the first book so far. It’s easy to read and I haven’t felt that it has taken over as much as Twilight. I can pick it up and put it down whenever. It’s not Twilight, but I’ve enjoyed it and recommend it to everyone. There are 3 in the series and they just made the first one into a movie that is supposed to be out on DVD soon.

Comment by Meggie

Your entry is exactly how I felt after finishing Eclipse. I don’t know if you read my previous posts, but I was a mess for days and I had to force myself not to start the 4th one until my emotions leveled off. I got my husband to read the series and after having seen me all hysterical after Eclipse, he expected it to have a major tragedy or something. He still doesn’t get why I was so beside myself. It’s just that I spend more time in the world of thinking than feeling, so to experience all of these intense feelings was total overload. When I finally did start book 4 a week or so later, I was a little apprehensive, but I told myself that life is short- it can end tomorrow. And how tragic it would be to not have finished the series. So I did. And a few months later, I read it all over again. And I’m soooo thankful to be 30. Not only did I get to be 21 in 1999, and be the right age to enjoy Eminem, and see Obama get elected, but I got to live in the era of The Twilight series. Life is good!

Comment by Jen

And thank you, Meggie!
After I found this blog, the healing began for me, truly.

Comment by Jen

I’m so glad that this post has began to help all of you. Something that seems so silly has truly had some deeper effect on all of us. When I read the series, none of my friends had and I had no one to talk to about it. Now I’m pumped that we will always have the movies. As much as I didn’t like the first movie, I still watch it all the time and I can’t wait to see what they do with the others…now that they have a bigger budget!

Comment by Meggie

I was just checking in to see what was new on the post. I just finished reading Stephenie’s other book The Host. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. It was a nice transition from my Twilight series obsession. Since it is the same writing style, I found that I could stick to it much easier than any other book I have tried to pick up and read since the Twilight series. It is a little slow & confusing the first few chapters, but then it really takes off. I found myself falling in love with these characters almost as much as Bella, Edward, etc… Good Luck everyone!

Comment by Hannah

Meggie – I want to thank you for telling this story – you were right, you’re site comes up at the TOP of the list for “Twilight Support Group” and I have this strange obsession with the Saga now that I have worked my way through all four books in under a month (by the way, these are the first story/fiction books I’ve read in close to 15 years).

Stephenie Meyer has me wound up so tight with this story – while I am elated over the ending, it just keeps twanging on me – the imagery, the undying love, the “Forever and Forever and Forever” part makes me envious – and its fiction!!

Thank you again for the story and the comments – you’ve helped me put this into perspective. Here’s hoping the obsessive feelings stop soon!

Comment by George

Thank you! I knew I couldn’t be alone in my obsession with this series! I’m now in book 3 for the 3rd time. It’s easier to go slower now and not neglect my family and other duties, but I’m still not ready to read anything else, nor am I ready to listen to any other music besides the soundtrack & score from the Twilight movie! A couple weeks ago I was on the computer reading Midnight Sun (3rd time) with Twilight at the same time while listening to the soundtrack on my ipod. My husband came in and suggested that I had a real problem! He’s thinking of starting a support group for husbands! I don’t care. If it feels good and isn’t hurting anyone, I’m going with it! I imagine I’ll be starting over for the 4 round on the series soon! I would LOVE the whole series written from Edwards perspective. His mind fascinates me!

Comment by Cindy

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was beginning to feel nuts! My mom tried to convince me to read the books and I said NO! Then, two of my friends (same age as me, 34) read them and I thought, oh the heck with it, and gave in! I read all four books in 15 days! I’m an addict, I tell you! Now, I’m making my poor husband read New Moon and the rest. He saw the first movie so I figured I better not push my luck asking him to read the first book, too. He likes it ok, but I can tell it’s not the same for him. He’s a man, after all. I’m about to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for the second time. I REALLY wish that Stephenie Meyer would finish Midnight Sun and get it out. I will rush out the day it comes out to get it. I’ve NEVER had this reaction to a book, for goodness sake!

Comment by Christi

It felt like depression to me too. The more I read the books, the easier it became, and then I floundered for awhile, looking for something else to read. I have to say i found it. The Outlander series of books is a beautiful love story, which is what I needed. Not another vampire book. I’m finally over it….but it took months!

Comment by Cindy

Oh my gosh! I can relate to all of this! My friends, family and co-workers all think I’ve lost my mind!! I am completely obsessed! I resisted reading the books until just after I saw Eclipse in the theater. I finally gave in and am now crazy over all things Twilight!! It doesn’t feel normal to me! I feel so emotional tied to these stories and these characters. I need more!

Comment by Jeanne

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