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My sister’s wedding
September 3, 2008, 9:26 pm
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So I haven’t made it around to blogging any pictures from my sister’s wedding back in May.  Sadly, since they weren’t paying clients, they kept getting pushed to the bottom of my list behind all the people who had payed for their pictures.  So FINALLY, here are her pictures.  Keep in mind I was not the photographer, so I don’t have as many of the pictures that I would have if I had been.  I focused mainly on details and a couple of things here and there that caught my eye.  


Leah McCall with Whimsical Gatherings did the flowers and the linens were provided by The White Table in Knoxville.  Oh, and they got married at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.  We used to go on vacation there every 4th of July week until our busy lives didn’t allow time for it anymore.  By Busy lives, I mean we got old enough and started working for the man and our allotted vacation time didn’t allow for it.  For the links to the pictures that Frank Gibson and his daughter Griffin got, CLICK HERE to see the post I have with the link to their Pictage gallery.


This was at the bridal luncheon the day before.  Eleanor’s looking at a scrap book that her best friend Kelsey made for her.  

This is one of the pages.  I think that it was when we went to visit Kelsey’s family in Europe and they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other!  They were so excited to see each other, they hugged the whole time.    

So of course I had to get another picture of them with their arms around each other.  This is the bridge that the ceremony was on.  


Nothing like a little fishy face between serious pictures.

So Adam can plug his nose with his upper lip….interesting talent.

The 2 Adams.  You’ll recognize my Adam on the right and then Ellie’s Adam is on the left.  




Ellie’s about to enjoy a very tasty cupcake from The Party Box.


This is one of my favorite shots from the day.  These are my Dad’s hands.

This is another one of my favorites on the bridge that they got married on.  

It had been raining all day, they had decided to set up everything inside.  Well, once we started taking pictures, the rain stopped, we were able to shoot outside, and then the clouds parted and it was B-E-A-UTIFUL!  So in a last minute decision, very last minute, they decided to move it back to the bridge and I think it was the right decision because it was amazing.






They originally wanted me to shoot their wedding and I told them no because I wanted to be able to be part of the wedding festivities and not worried about shooting everything.  So we decided that I would shoot around the day of and then we would do a day after session so they could still have some pictures from me.  We kept it pretty low key and casual.  





The latest version of American Gothic.


I think this is one of my favorites from that session.


We had to take advantage of the Muscadine vineyard because that’s one of the things that I always think of when I think of Callaway.




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I know that I am somewhat prejudiced, since I birthed the photographer and the bride, but these are beautiful! Most people are not as fortunate as we were to have two great photographers. Leah’s flowers sure look great. Thanks Meggie, Frank, Leah, Suzi (who got us all down the bridge) and Chuck, who did such a great job with music.

Comment by mom

Meggie – these are beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of them on the bridge!!!!!! Hope you are well!

Comment by lroah

I forgot to thank God for the turning a rainy day into a BEAUTIFUL one at 6:00, thirty minutes before the start of the wedding. He put on a wonderful show.

Comment by mom

I love that picture of your dad’s hands. That is a picture you will cherish forever. A picture that can be framed in your house and never need to be changed out. Love timeless photos like those. And, of course…as always…your photography is beautiful.

Comment by Jessica

Amazed by your work. Love the picture of the shoes and all the details. Miss you!

Comment by leah

Wow- Eleanor and Kelsey arm in arm- made me cry again!!! I can see why she wants you for her photographer- you have a wonderful eye. Thank you—

Comment by Fran

How special! Having just been a sister at her sister’s wedding…I’m even more amazed! Thank you for all you did this past weekend! We love you!

Comment by lynnstanger

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