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Justin and Claire’s Wedding
August 23, 2008, 2:11 pm
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So our little Claire got married about a month ago.  Everything was so beautiful and Justin is a very lucky man.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous shooting her wedding because she’s been working for me for the past year and I’ve heard everything about all of the details of her wedding since she started planning shortly after coming aboard.  It’s also nerve racking shooting a dear friend.  We’ve been so fortunate to have her be part of our family, I hope she likes her pictures so she’ll stick around! 


Here are a few shots from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.



There were a lot of very sweet tears.  I liked this picture the best though.

check out those studs….very nice Adam

Who said I couldn’t take a straight traditional picture?!

The guys looked very Johnny Cash all in black.  They weren’t just hot…they were REALLY HOT!!!  Especially in that direct sun.  But at least they looked good


We tried to stop traffic on Kingston Pike to do a little Abbey Road tribute, but it was hard to coordinate with so many guys and so very little time….but still a good story!  

I just loved the detail on Claire’s dress




I was going to try to write something very sweet about her mother drying one last tear, but they all know me better than that!!!  I’m by no means a writer or good with words, so I’ll just keep to telling a story by pictures.

That’s Claire’s dad

We almost had a little bridesmaids brawl break out, but Chey was able to diffuse it with her smile….HAHAHA!  You just had to be there!


Oh look!  Another traditional picture!  You can see the great job that Leah did on her bouquet here.


Another locational joke, but one that’s turning into a tradition.  Blake and Mimi, you better do this at your wedding too.

Some members of Claire’s family are jewelers and they lent her some incredibly beautiful pieces to wear.  They do amazing work, Miriam’s Fine Jewelry out of Jascksonville, FL.


There are a lot of black and whites in this post because they had an Old Hollywood Glam feel and I wanted to get a little of that feel without going too over the top with it.







Once again, Leah coming up large with her awesome use of feathers.  The lady that did her cake just works out of her house on a referral basis.  If you would like her information, email me and I can get it for you.

Justin had a Rocky cake.  For those of you who are Rocky fans, that quote will make sense to you…it’s totally lost on me.


I love Blake!  Blake Blake Blake!  HAHA!





To check out Justin and Claire’s e-session at Dollywood, click HERE and to see Claire’s “Old Hollywood Glam” b-session, click HERE.


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HELLOOOO! Just because it was Claire and Justin’s wedding doesn’t mean they should be in all the pictures. What’s up with that? I didn’t see any pictures of me. After all, I did give birth to Justin, raise him, cook, clean; all those games etc.,HA!HA!HA! Just kidding. LOVE THE PICTURES! Can’t wait for more. You are the best Meggie.

Comment by Pam Zachary

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