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Noah Update
July 31, 2008, 2:00 am
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Our in home therapist, Carmen, came to see us today for our weekly visit.  We always look forward to her coming because she’s done such an amazing job with Noah and he’s really taken to her.  When she came a couple of weeks ago, we went over some goals that he’s reached to get an idea of how far he’s come.  So she had the results tonight.  With almost 2 months of work, he’s made about 3 months worth of improvement!  In most areas, he’s at about where a 24 month old should be except for speech which he’s at about where a 15 month old is.  The biggest improvement though was in the social area.  When we first did the evaluation, he registered at about a 16 month old and this time he registered as a 24 month old!!!  Yes, he’s still behind by about 7 or 8 months (according to whoever the experts are), but the social area is where most of his autism red flags were….AND HE’S COME SO FAR IN THAT AREA!!!!!  We still haven’t had an autism evaluation, but I think that this speaks volumes about how much he’s improved.  I’m so proud of him!!!


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meggie- i had no idea about the good news!!! i was so into my ipod and white balancing that i missed out on this. wow, i got misty eyed when i read this post because i was so excited for my little buddy. i cant wait to get home from charleston and hear what new stuff he’s come up with while i’m away!! awwww give him an extra pickle from miss katie tomorrow 🙂 i will miss him. see you in a week!!!

Comment by katie nicole

So glad to hear that things are improving with Noah. He is such a sweet little guy.

Comment by Tonya

I am so glad that Noah is improving, Congrats! I know that is a huge relief for you guys. I know that Conner had fun playing with him at the 4th of July party. It was so good to see you guys at the party too.

Comment by Katie Woodruff

That is so cool! We didn’t talk about it the other day, but Cara told me about your son while you were telling John and a few other people. I know that that is such great news for you guys and way bigger than what I could ever imagine. Maybe we’ll get to meet your family one day!
daryl brewton

Comment by daryl brewton

That’s so awesome, that Carmen must doing something great, he seemed improved after a week! Keep up the updates on that cutie!

Comment by Melissa Hill

Super late but how thrilling on the improvement!!! I know how frustrating it can be so my thoughts are with your family!!! =)

Comment by K. Crafton

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