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Miss Sarah’s B.Session
July 27, 2008, 7:36 pm
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I’m excited that I can finally post Sarah’s Bridal Session we did about a month ago because she got married yesterday! It was a beautiful wedding complete with a star studded guest list….at least to the Velasco household!!!  More on that later when I have pictures to blog.  For now, let’s focus on the super cool chick formerly known as Miss Sarah Alexander!  I’ve always wanted to shoot at The Bleak House and I thought that it fit what Sarah wanted perfectly.  My neighbor Jessi joined me for the festivities and I’ll post the link when she gets hers up.  When I saw Sarah in her dress, I knew we made the right decision to use Bleak House….it was a perfect fit!  I don’t know if I need to tell you any more because you can see from the pictures that we had a good time.

***UPDATE***  Here is the link to Jessi’s Blog Post……CLICK HERE!!!

I had to get a good shot of her ring because I know that Rusty picked out all by himself and he’s really proud of it!




Sarah has such a great smile


I love the silhouette of Sarah’s dress.  “Mermaid” cuts were made for girls like Sarah!





Look at this yummy light and lens flare!







Sarah was fearless!  Whenever I ask my brides to do something, it’s always followed by “if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then we can do something else”.  Before I could get that out of my mouth, she would say “SURE!!” and hop up on a column! 

She wanted to do some pictures with a cowboy hat and boots because Rusty is from Texas.


Sarah is one of my brides that still has a love for some of the more traditional pictures.  Yes, even though I love to do crazy off the wall stuff, I can still accommodate those who still want a traditional picture…as long as it’s kept to a minimum and you still let me go a little nuts.



This is my favorite one.  In fact, I blew it up to a huge print to put at the upcoming bridal shows!  So make sure you come by my booth on August 17 to see it BIG!  We displayed it at the reception last night and it looked awesome!  I think it’s very Anthropology.



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Meggie, I have got to ask how your getting such good blur? is it that 85mm 1.2 lens at 1.2? I have got to know. its amazing!
Love, Bree

Comment by breanne

I absaloutely love these images!! What a beautifull setting and gorgeous lighting!
You don’t by any chance know the make/designer of Sarah’s dress do you (don’t worry if you can’t remember)? I have completely fallen in love with it!
Carina xx

Comment by Carina Ugland

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