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Blake and Bridgette
July 15, 2008, 4:15 am
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I shot Blake and Bridgette’s wedding the day after Mike and Courtney’s.  I was a little nervous because I had never done 2 weddings in 1 weekend before, but it was the perfect pair of weddings.  Blake and Bridgette were so easy going and laid back.  We were at Whitestone Inn for the wedding and reception, so we had a ton of time to play around.  They had a surprise for me and I have a surprise for you.  They’re the first couple to get a fun little surprise from me because they were so willing to, well, have some “atypical” fun.


So I’ve been trying to do something different with dates this year.  I don’t always have an opportunity to do something, but my girl Katie came up with the idea to make the date out of the bridal party.  So we took the easy road and did the roman numerals.  I hope that makes sense!  I think it turned out pretty cool.











The girls were not going to be out done!


So here is fun little surprise #1.  They busted out a little thriller during Blake and Bridgette’s first dance.  



They left the reception in a horse drawn carriage.  


Since we had some pretty sweet light, we took advantage of it in the wildflower garden.



The church they were married in is the one in the background.


SURPRISE #2!!!!!  We were discussing where we wanted to go in the carriage and I jokingly said that if they wanted to jump in the water, I wouldn’t stop them….as many of you former bride’s have heard!  I saw a little sparkle in Bridgette’s eyes and knew she was sold.  So we went down to the boat ramp and just played around in the water some.  I have to tell you that water has never felt so good!  It was about 100 degrees all day and we all just wanted to chill in the water for a little while.  




I know that you brides and mothers are freaking out a little bit.  Yes, the water looked a little nasty and the boat ramp was not clean.  HOWEVER, when Bridgette came out of the water, her dress looked the exact same, just wet.  Her dress was not ruined and will clean just fine!  As I’ve said before, they are going to get a lovely little surprise from me.  Everyone who does something will get something different depending on who they are and what they desire.


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That is so awesome that they jumped in!! Those are great pictures. Way to go Katie on the clock idea:)

Comment by Jessi

meggie…what lens did you shoot the bridesmaid/gazebo shot with? email me if you dont mind:) THANKS

Comment by rebekah

Very cool, it looks great! I LOVE that shot with the church way in the background.

Comment by Dianna

The sneak preview is wonderful. You have truly done a beautiful job. Bridgette took my place when I retired last year…..she was B. Miller……….until this special day. You have some lovely shots!!! I know that Bridgette is thrilled!!!!!!!!

Comment by B. Miller Brenda

These pictures are absolutely stunning. Bridgette getting her wedding dress wet was totally worth it because the shots in the water are the best! I’m sure not many people have pictures of themselves wearing formal wear while lying in a lake! That’s awesome!

Comment by Amanda R.

Meggie! I am so happy with these pictures!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! You do such an amazing job!

Just a note to the future brides…getting in the water was so worth it! In case you’re wondering, my dress is fine:) If Meggie ever mentions getting into the water to you, go for it! You will have the time of your life! Thanks Meggie!

Comment by Bridgette

LOVE it! You rock! These images ROCK!

Miss you! We need to get the rest of the gang together for a reunion!

Comment by Rch Smith

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