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new credit card scam?
July 10, 2008, 1:12 pm
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You will rarely get a forward from me, ever.  The only time I forward something is if I think it’s too funny to keep to myself.  My dad just sent me a new credit card scam email.  Apparently says that it’s true.  Instead of boring you with the entire email, here are the basics.

1) someone from “visa” or “mastercard”

2) they will tell you that there has been some strange activity on your card

3) they’ll ask you to verify if you purchased something from the $297-$497 range and when you say no, they’ll say they’ll credit you the charge that was made between that sum before your next statement.

4) apparently the trick here is that they already have your information and they won’t ask you for anything out of the ordinary.  At some point they’ll ask you for your security code on the back of your card.  That’s the kicker.  They don’t have your security code.

5) if you think that this is a fraud but don’t want to turn down an actual call from visa in the event that this is actually happening, tell them that you’ll call them back to verify your conversation.  Then call the actual number on your card to speak to someone about your account.

6) bottom line, why should you have to verify to them that you have your card in your possession?  If someone stole your card, you would asking them to send you a new card.  It’s fishy that they’re asking you for proof that you have your card.


I have a little experience with Visa’s anti-fraud department.  I made a big purchase (for some stinkin awesome studio lights) from B&H back in December over the internet.  They wouldn’t let my card go through because it was outside of my normal purchase dollar amounts, they were NOT cheap.  As I picked up the phone to call Visa, it rang and they were calling me.  I was extremely impressed at how quickly they acted on my behalf to make sure that my card hadn’t been stolen, verified my purchase, and moved it through.  


Whether this scam is true or not, it’s good to know that they’re getting sneakier about everything because they never ask you anything out of the ordinary.  You can never get to comfortable.


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