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Jeremiah and Meredith’s Wedding
June 23, 2008, 1:34 am
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  So you may remember Jeremiah and Meredith from their previous posts over the past couple of months. Click HERE to see their e-session and HERE to see Meredith’s b-session.

  We had a really good time with them on their wedding day.  They were a little on the teary side which you all know I LOVE!  They made the decision to see each other before the ceremony for pictures which gave us a ton of time to play around and have fun.  Are you seeing a pattern here with me wanting time to play around with my couples?!  Anyway, enjoy!






A note for all of your future members of wedding parties that I’ll be shooting, this is a good example of “just get together for a group picture”.  I find that many of us, me included, have a hard time breaking what has been ingrained in us when we’re told to get together for a picture.  The minute we put on that tux or dress and grab our bouquets, we all want to stand up straight in a line on our designated sides.  While there are pictures where it’s called for, BUT NOT ALL THE TIME!  So the next time I say, just get together in a group, do something like this.


Yes, I can take a “traditional” wedding shot.

They had a friend come and play the bagpipe outside of the church while all of the guests arrived.  When he started, Jeremiah got a little emotional.  I just love this shot because I can picture what Meredith’s face is while she’s trying to comfort him.  



This is a sweet moment between Meredith and her Dad as she gave her away.

I love churchs that are designed and allow me to be able to get in a good spot to get close-up shots during the ceremony.






See kids?!  Even grown-ups go crazy over bubbles!

Sad Jeremiah

Happy Jeremiah!

Happier Jeremiah!!

sleepy punkin

They had their reception at The Foundry, I liked how the sun was peaking out from behind the awning.  



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