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Greg and Jennifer’s Wedding
April 27, 2008, 4:39 am
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I shot Greg and Jennifer’s early morning wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Their ceremony was at 10:30!  Needless to say, we didn’t do pictures before the wedding.  It was the first time for me where we stepped out of the limo and everyone walked straight down the aisle.  It was a good thing that I wasn’t allowed to shoot inside the church because there was no time for me to find all of my angles and plan out where I was going to shoot during the ceremony.  Everything was great though!  Because the sanctuary was rather small, I was still able to get everything I wanted to without any preparation.  After the ceremony, they had their reception at their house.  It was perfect for them.  We did a test run of something we want to start offering which is our “crazy go nuts booth”.  Well, that’s not the official title, but it’s what we’ve been calling it.  I’ll have some of my favorites posted soon.  After they left their reception, we still had a couple of hours and played around a garden in Fountain City and then took the party to Market Square and downtown Knoxville for a little urban action.  You’ve already seen one picture of them that a posted about a week ago of them dancing in Greg’s office.  Anyway, here are some of our favorites from that day.  Enjoy!

Hey Studio 4 people…have you noticed anything wrong with your filing cabinets?

I love that Jennifer’s sticking out her tongue!

They gave Greg’s boys wedding rings too.  It was very sweet.

We got so lucky with the weather.  It was a 60% chance of rain and we didn’t have a cloud in the sky.  It was also the peak weekend for the dogwoods.  You know us East Tennesseans love our dogwoods!

We were waiting for the trolley to come and pick us up…we thought we needed a little help!

One of the guests kept a timeline of the ceremony.  He wrote down what time everything happened so they know exactly when they said their vows.  That’s a great idea that I might start doing for everyone….but that might take away from my pictures.  So maybe this is something that you should do for the weddings you go to in the future.  This is a great keepsake.

There are so many things I love about this drawing that make me laugh.  Jen is twice the size of Greg and Greg has googly eyes and a _______(fill in the blank with your favorite type of) mustache.  My FAVORITE part about it is that Spencer really captured a very important part of Greg at that point in time.  Check out his T-Shirt.  “Gettin’ Lucky in Kentucky”!

This is the outside of Greg’ office.  It’s very cool.

A fun little self portrait.

The End!


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I couldn’t imagine ‘gettin more lucky’ than to see the stunning smile of my bride, white dogwoods on a perfect day and family photos which capture the spirit of the wedding from a 4- and 9-year old’s perspective. The great and powerful Oz worked her magic from behind the velvet curtain to give us a record of what we’ve had all along…lots of love and fun. Thanks Meggie and we can’t wait to see what comes from the “crazy booth”!

Comment by Greg

These photographs are beautiful, such tallent!

Comment by Angie Wyrick

Beautiful photos of a beautiful day and happy occasion!

Comment by Sam and Mary Ann Venable

Your great photos certainly captured the loving, caring and fun spirit of Greg & Jen’s Family wedding. The family will enjoy reliving their special wedding day time and time again through them.
Loved the one of Andy flagging down the trolley!

Comment by bea terry

So great to see the first pix of the wedding. You can see the happiness on all your faces. Can’t wait to see more.

Comment by Becky McMahan

We anxiously awaited the posting of our wedding photos, wondering if ours could match the great ones Meggie had shot before. One of us waited more patiently than the other! Guess who?! I watched quietly from another room as Greg scrolled through the images for the third, fourth, fifith . . .. I wished Meggie had been there to capture that poignant “moment” too.

Comment by Jennifer

We sure love the photos. They are YOU for sure! But I just wonder why you can’t just stand there is a line like everybody else? But, then again I guess I know! dad

Comment by glenn terry

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful event! It’s wonderful to see Greg, Jen, and our grandsons so happy on such a special day for all of us!

Comment by Suzy Deaton

I have seen pictures from many weddings, but these top them all. You captured not only the couple, but their family and their future. It was a special day for the four of them.

Comment by Gloria Tisdale

These are amazing! They made me get teary eyed all over again. I’m so happy for Jennifer, Greg, and the boys! You can just feel how happy they all are through these photographers. Amazing job!

Comment by Lea Morgenroth

Greg and Jennifer,
I have loved looking at your wedding photos (twice already!) I really missed being there with you all on your wedding day, however, your pictures made me feel as if I had been there with you and the boys!
What a wonderful family you have and what beautiful wedding memories!

Comment by susan rainey

What a fun day…aahh the memories! GREAT!!!

Comment by lynnstanger

These pictures are adorable! I tried to pick a favorite one, but I can’t. They are all great. I can’t wait to see more!

Comment by Miranda

These are the most gorgeous wedding pictures ever! I love the one of Andy on the curbside with his pant leg up! Great job….but you had great subjects!

Comment by Angela Qualls

Wish your Daddy could’ve seen you on this day. Love, Mother

Comment by Minnie Johnson

NOW we know what happened to the flat files!!
What fabulous photos of a fabulous couple and family. We could not be happier for two people to have found each other and to be so happy! You did a great job of documenting a truly joyous occasion!

Comment by Holly Williams

What a gorgeous story the photos tell!
Congrats to both of you on a beautiful wedding. I wish both of you, Spencer & Andy a very joy filled future together!

Comment by Michelle

Our pics are even better than the ones of the President’s daughter’s wedding! Thanks, Meggie.

Comment by Jennifer & Greg

EVEN I wouldn’t go in to the office on my wedding day. Way too cool of a wife you got there, GT.

But seriously. Congratulations and best wishes to you both. You’re a great pair with a great future.

Comment by george m

Absolutely beautiful photographs of a beautiful day and a beautiful couple! I’m so happy for the two of you.

Comment by Beth King

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