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April 27, 2008, 2:34 pm
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So I came home the other day to find a dark mass in one of our cherry trees. Upon further inspection, I saw that it was a giant mass of bees! WHAT!?!?!?! I completely freaked out. They built that hive fast! It wasn’t there that morning and it was only 1 in the afternoon. So I called Adam to tell him about the swarm on my way to pick up Noah from school and he said he would kill them when he got home. When I got home with Noah, they were gone! There is no evidence that there were any bees on that tree. So the mass of bees was just that, solid bee! There is NO hive. Just bees on top of bees on top of bees. My skin is crawling just thinking of it. I was able to snap a couple of pictures to prove to everyone that I’m not crazy!


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WOAH! THat’s wild. I would have thought there was a nest there too. Good thing they didn’t chase after you!

Comment by Jamie Weiss

Did they come back or is that the picture from your phone? YUCKO!!

Comment by Jessi


Comment by lynnstanger

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