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Dino and Anna’s Wedding
April 22, 2008, 11:24 pm
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Wow!  I’m so far behind!

Dino and Anna got married back on April 5th at her Uncle’s house.  It’s such a cool historic home that everyone swears is haunted.  I didn’t have any personal encounters, but we were having battery issues.  SO maybe the ghosts were draining our batteries because they have a sick sense of humor!  Anyway, Anna wanted to get married outside and about 30 minutes before the ceremony it started raining….and didn’t stop.  We talked through the options of having it inside, but Anna wanted to get married outside.  So we did it outside!  They had a cocktail hour before the ceremony, so everyone opened their umbrella’s and came on out!  Anna’s sister’s band played a set and everyone had a wonderful time.  Thanks for letting us hang out with you guys!

Here’s a fun little side note.  I shot Anna’s sister Rachel’s wedding last year.  You can see some of those pictures by clicking here.







This is their sweet dog!










This is my favorite from the whole night!  

They found out that they were pregnant that morning!  They’re going to have a little tattooed belly dancing baby!





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Wow, Meggie, wow! This has got to be one of your best yet! I love the pictures that embrace the fact it was a rainy day, rather than hide it, and those two in the middle really hint at that ‘haunted’ feeling. I half-expected a ghost to pop up in that mirror above their heads while I was staring at the picture.

Comment by Matthew Browne

That last picture is the best;)

Comment by Jessi

hey meggie…nice pics!

Comment by reba jane

Meggie! These are great. I see now why Anna wanted to have you there so badly! You really captured the feel of the whole thing. I’m blown away!

Comment by DeLacey

Amazing shots Meggie!! WOW Seriously fantastic!!

Comment by Tiffany

I think just about everyone got rained out on April 5th, but you totally rocked it! I’m digging the motion in the stairway shot, and those CREEPY pictures behind them totally add to the atmosphere knowing that place is haunted! Seriously cool!

Comment by Erin Browne

girl, you are good!

Comment by west


Comment by MOM

This is by far the coolest venue ever . . . absolutely awesome work!! I love the wallpaper.

Comment by Tara K.

Perfecto! What a fun wedding!

Comment by lynnstanger

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