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Back on the East Coast
March 21, 2008, 5:36 am
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Hey guys!  I just got back to Atlanta from WPPI in Vegas.  It was a blast, but I’m so glad to be done.  I worked on my Love Affair pictures on the flight on the way out with every intention of blogging them when I had internet, but that never happened.  Anyway, I want to share a fun little story with you.  I would call my parents every morning (Vegas morning) on my way over to the conference to see how things were going.  I knew that it was in the middle of the day there and the next time I would have a chance to call, it would be too later.  So mom told me one morning that she came downstairs because the dog was barking.  When she walked in the kitchen, Noah was sitting in front of the fridge with a sippy cup of milk that he had gotten out and a bottle of juice.  This kid will climb out of his crib, open AND close his bedroom door, and then go downstairs to start his day and NO ONE can hear him!  Anyway, the next part of this I have to preface by saying everyone is OK.  I called the next morning to see how things were going.  Mom then told me that her little yorkie Della had been attacked by a German Shepherd the night before and spent the night in the pet ER.  Then that morning, their other dog Diamond had a seizure.  As I’m getting all the details, mom turns around just in time to catch Noah dumping out a can of pringles.  As Dad’s cleaning the mess up, mom tells me that they’ve devised a plan that involves some pots and some string tied on Noah’s door so they can hear him get up. I’ve just learned that they have the string  tied to the doorknob then running down the hall and attached to the pots in their room.  Then I hear this terribly loud white noise coming from her end.  She says, in frustration, Della was attacked, Diamond had a seizure, Dad’s vacuuming Noah, and there are pots tied to the door.  I don’t know if you found this funny, but I was doubled over laughing on the sidewalk.  Anyway, a fun little story to try and stall till I have the Love Affair pictures finished.  


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Ok so Scott and I laughed!! But I do think knowing the parties in the story makes it even funnier! Glad to hear the dogs are ok!

Comment by Amy McBrien

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