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Dr. Woolfson’s Crazy Mad Skills + 2 new 10-80-eyes = 1 happy camper and a long post
February 11, 2008, 2:11 pm
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I’ve wanted to get LASIK for a very long time, but the thought of some laser happy doctor messing up everything I had worked for with my photography just frightened me.  What pushed me over the edge was when my parents gave me LASIK as my Christmas gift.  So I decided to at least check it out and see if I would rather have that, or the new Canon Mark III (considering they are about the same price).  So Adam went in to our regular eye doctor to begin the research process.  He told us that the only doctor he would trust his family with is Dr. Woolfson with The Woolfson Eye Institute.  We hear that the Calmpbell Cuningham something or other here in East Tennessee is the foremost something in Lasik eye surgery.  Well, they’ve done about 5,000 procedures.  That’s pretty impressive sounding.  But Dr. Woolfson stopped counting at 75,000 LAST YEAR!  He is the most experienced LASIK eye surgeon in the Southeast.  SOLD!!!!  When I went in for my consultation,  it was with Dr. David Smith (my friend Mikey’s dad).  They took a ton of time to answer my questions and make sure I was a good candidate and well informed.  They even put up with my phone calls with more questions between my visits.  I was pretty pumped about everything.  Not only have they had an incredibly high success rate, but most of the staff has had the procedure themselves, so they could speak from personal experience.  Another great selling point was their lifetime Assurance Plan.  Basically, I only pay for the surgery once.  If I need adjustments at all for the rest of my life, I don’t have to pay for it.  Once again, SOLD!!!!  I feel like my quality of life is going to be so much better and I’ll always be able to save up for the new Mark III.  Ok, so here comes surgery day.  I was having panic attacks.  I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t stop crying.  It’s one thing to plan for it, but it’s another thing to be sitting in the center waiting to go in.  They took us back in groups of 3 to go over all of our care, medications, what to expect, etc..  I was good while I was talking to all the girls that I had come to know and we were joking around, and I had forgotten why I was there.  Then Dr. Woolfson came in.  And the tears started again.  He went through everything to expect again and then spoke to us each individually.  Again, still crying.  Then comes Amy, the one who had been fielding all my calls, telling me it’s my turn.  And the tears come heavier.  I sit outside the room, starting to sob.  Then they tell me to come on in.  I was frozen to my chair.  Adam helped pick me up and sit me on the table.  Still sobbing.  I couldn’t see anything, but I heard all my girls out in the hallway.  They told me to look at a dot on the wall, I still don’t know where that dot was, and Dr. Woolfson marked my eyes and asked me about my photography to get my mind off of things.  Then he told me to lay down on the table.  HOLY CRAP!!!!!  Adam prayed with me and I tried to control the sobs.  Heart pounding and hands shaking.  He put the retractor in my eye, poured some cold stuff in and started scraping off the outer layer of my cornea.  There was some pressure and moments where I could see him lifting the cornea off of my eye, which was pretty cool.  Then THE FLASHING VORTEX OF TERROR!!!!  SCARIEST ENVIRONMENT IMAGINABLE!  While most people didn’t feel the same way I do, I was so terrified of the entire procedure, the purple flashing laser just frightened me.  I never felt the first thing, I just saw and heard the laser and I knew that what I was scared of was finally happening.  The only thing that got me through was Adam holding my hand and Dr. Smith telling me that I was doing a great job.  After only about 5 minutes on the table, I was done.  They sat me up, and I saw that it was 8:55.  When I laid down, I could only see the fuzzy black rim of the clock.  Of course, MORE TEARS!!!!  There were hugs all around!  I CAN SEE!!!!!  I haven’t been able to see since first grade if not before.  When I walked out into the hall, all the girls in the office had gathered outside the door to watch.  They saw me crying and all started crying!  So I went home and began my recovery process.  It wasn’t so bad, just stinging, light sensitivity, and the feeling of really dirty contacts.  I’m getting better every day.  I’ll be able to see what the full effects will be in about a month.  But I already feel comfortable driving and carrying on with every day life.  Working on the computer is a little tough right now, but gets easier.  If you’ve ever thought of looking into LASIK, go see Dr. Woolfson.  He’s the one that does your surgery, not a member of his practice.  If at any point he thinks it’s a bad idea, he won’t do it.  He’s not just out to make a buck like a lot of surgery centers.  He’s the man!  Make sure you tell him I sent you! wei.jpg 


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Dr. Woolfson is the one who Jeremie’s lasik and we were very pleased as well. He loves being able to get up everyday without needing to find his glasses first as well as doing all of the other things like sports where he didn’t want to wear them.

You are going to feel so blessed to be able to see without glasses or contacts!!!!

So… recommendation for Dr. Woolfson +1


Comment by Jamie Weiss

You made my eyes water and my palms sweat just reading your story……and I’ve already had the procedure done!! It still freaks me out. No adjustments for me, I don’t think I can put myself through it.
I’m glad it all worked out for you. It really is the greatest thing you can do…………after it’s over and done with.

Comment by Dianna

Yay! Glad it went well Meggie! I’ve been scared to death of the idea since seeing the “claw” they hold your eye open with! After hearing your description, I’m absolutely petrified! 😉 Way to be brave!

Comment by Mel McLellan

I just realized that I sat here rubbing my eye the whole time I read this. Fuhreaky!!! Glad to hear the healing is going well. And good choice on eyes over the Mark III… With all the problems Canon has been having, my bet is that your new eyes will focus BETTER than the MkIII! 🙂

Comment by Wes Hope

glad to hear that everything went well!

Comment by Jessica

oh meg i am so glad you did that. and i am glad that i am not the only nut bag when it come to surgey i am having foot surgery next thursday and will prob act in a similar manner. i am so glad things worked out for you!!

Comment by LAURA

glad to hear everything went well. the story was great!

Comment by leah mccall

Hey Meggie. Glad to hear your Lasik surgery went well! Look forward to seeing you soon:)

Comment by Bridgette

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