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January 8, 2008, 4:22 pm
Filed under: CONTESTS!!

Ok, so I said I was going to announce and re-announce some contests I’ve come up with.  These require a TON of planning and campaigning on your part.   CONTEST #1 – THE FIRST DANCE Pretty self explanatory.  For my future bride and grooms.  Come up with a creative first dance and win a prize.  You don’t have to tell anyone that it’s coming, but you HAVE to let me know that you have something up your sleeve so I can be ready and on point.  It doesn’t have to be your first dance, it can be something planned during the reception.  Just give me a heads up.  Here are a couple of inspiration videos from youtube.  THRILLER , BIG BUTTS . CONTEST #2 – COMMENTS    I love it when people leave comments on my blog.  It makes me feel good to know that there are people actually looking and that all of the work I put into the blog isn’t for nothing.  I know that the people who get the comments from their shoots love to know that people like their pictures.  This is for any session posted regardless of what kind of shoot it is.  Whoever has the most comments by December 31, 2008 will win a prize. WHAT’S THE PRIZE???I don’t know, what do you guys want?  A canvas print?  Album credit?  Another shoot?  A slideshow of your shoot?  Chime in and let me know what you think.  So start planning and campaigning!  Good luck!!   


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Yeah! I am game for this one since I totally stalk your blog and I love your work! One for me I guess!

Comment by Cameron

i’ll be publicly stalking your blog now as well. i stalk it anyway, i just don’t leave comments. you’re going to get sick of my comments before dec. 08…..i want another photo shoot. 🙂

Comment by grace

Hey Meggie! I was at the Nashville bridal show this past weekend (MoH duties for my cousin!) and saw your ads in the Nashville Premier Bride book (I think?) Awesome!! I hope you’re doing well!

Comment by imagejolie

I read your blog everyday, several times a day. All I want is some pictures of my baby boy. That is all I ask. You know the old saying, ” the cobbler’s children have no shoes”. Well, your mother has no pictures.
Ok , you can let someone else win. It is ok.
your mother

Comment by mom

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