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December 24, 2007, 4:48 pm
Filed under: updates, Velasco Happenings

This has been a wild and crazy year with many ups and downs.  I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas Eve!  I feel like it’s supposed to just be Thanksgiving.  However, we made the trip down to Atlanta yesterday to spend Christmas Eve and morning with our friends and family down here.  Then we’ll hop back in the car at about 1 tomorrow to make it back to Knoxville to be with Adam’s family for dinner and presents.  Even though we spread ourselves thin in order to see everyone, it’s what we want to do.  This time of year is so important to us as we celebrate our savior’s birth and there’s no better way of doing that than being with those we love the most.  Well, we also like to drag out Christmas day as long as we can (when I say we, I mean me)!    I sent out 250 cards this year, but I KNOW that I missed a ton of people.  I want to do much better at getting everyone next year.  So if you would like to receive a Christmas card next year, e-mail me your address and just a brief little something about being on my christmas card mailing list.  Oh, here’s my e-mail address,  Some of you may not have gotten your card yet, but they are in transit.  It’s not personal, you just fell through the cracks while we were putting together  3 different lists.  card-front.jpg card-inside-signed.jpg 


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