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SANTA!!!!! I know him!
November 25, 2007, 12:14 am
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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We normally come down to North Georgia to Big Canoe to spend it with my family. However, we were unable to travel for Thanksgiving day. We found ourselves at the Doctor’s and then at Children’s Hospital because Noah had a fever of 103! They found that he and an infection somewhere, but they didn’t know what or where. So they gave him an antibiotic shot and then took his blood to do some further testing. So the doctor told us that we shouldn’t go anywhere. So we ate with Adam’s family and Noah seemed to be doing better. We took him back on Friday for the doctor to check him out again and found that an ear infection had developed. HOORAY! I know, it sucks, but at least we know that it’s something treatable. Since he was doing so well, he gave us permission to come down to Atlanta to make our Santa appointment.

Ok, now to the fun stuff. My sister and I grew up going to see Santa at Phipps Plaza every year for as long as I can remember. So I was really excited to start taking Noah to him. We were devastated when he was called home to be with Jesus last October. However, Santa Ray’s successor was his head elf, Johnny. So we’re so excited to start a new tradition with Santa Johnny.

Last year was, well, not great. He was mad because we picked him up to take him up there. Then he realized who was holding him and it went down hill from there. This year was shaping up to be the same if not worse! He was cranky, tired, his ear hurt, and we wouldn’t let him run wherever he wanted to go. All recipes for disaster. We were already apologizing to Santa, the people around us, and the people working there. Here are some pictures of us trying to keep him happy before.




Then we went to put him on Santa’s lap, fully expecting a full on rebellion. After all, he is almost 2. Then to our surprise, the switch flipped and he was an ANGEL! If he could talk, he would have turned to Santa and said “Hey, I’ve got this. Just follow my lead. Just smile for a couple of seconds and then it’s all over.”



Notice the spit bubble….GROSS!

Then he decided it was time to go….

And tried to escape….

Leaving Santa alone with a blankie and a list.

We don’t have pictures of it, but he went back and sat on his lap, slithered down and proceeded to run in circles in front of santa! We got a video from them and they said that they got it all. As soon as I figure out how to put it on youtube and then post it here, I’ll let you all know.

In case you’re wondering, and I know you all are, here was his list.

1) A Buzz Lightyear Doll
2) A Cowboy Woody Doll
3) A Playset
4) A Playstation 3 with Madden ’08 – For Daddy
5) The ability to speak in complete sentences that other people can understand.
6) SEC Championship for the UT Vols – for the good of all man kind
7) A Canon 1D Mark III – For Mommy

Here’s a fun little family picture for you.


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What a fun time! I wish we lived closer to each other, our boys would have the best time together. Also, we had our 2nd little boy, Mason, on Nov. 1st. I love all of your pictures. Tell Adam I said hi and congrats on the new job!

Comment by Katie (Spottswood) Woodruff

Cute story! That’s amazing that he was suddenly ok with it all.

Comment by Dianna

Meg your family is so beautiful!!!!!! noah has gotten so big. and santa was so pretty. oh and like the bangs!!!! we so need to get together!!!
love ya

Comment by LAURA

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