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WAY behind
November 12, 2007, 4:43 am
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I’ve gotten REALLY REALLY behind on a lot of stuff. Most of you know this, but Adam has recently gone back to work and therefore has left me home with Noah again. I’ve been so lucky this summer with having Adam home. He really helped me out a lot with Noah and some of my business stuff as well. So now I’ve had to learn how to be a full time mom and business owner again. I was completely dead for a while and got a little lazy. Then my shoot schedule picked up again, but my laziness continued. So now I’m feeling the effects of that. Luckily Adam has gone back to a bank and therefore has bank holidays. So he has veterans day off tomorrow and can watch Noah so I can rip through these edits!

Here is a list of things that I should be blogging soon…
The Akards
The Tippens Sisters
The Dunaways
Tyson and Hilary
Ansley (who I’m shooting tomorrow morning)

For everyone who’s waiting on something from me, please be patient. I’m trying hard to get caught up and I will have whatever you’re waiting for to you as soon as I can. I’m going through some growing pains, which is a good and a bad thing. Good that I’m growing, but bad that I’m in the process of taking the next steps. I’m really excited about all the things I have planned for the business. If it all goes the way I hope it will, then my production time on EVERYTHING will be much faster and smoother. I hope to share more with you in the following months. However, until that point, please be patient with me.


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I feel the same way! 9 major shoots in 4 weeks with 7 of those weddings and now i’ve got engagements and family sessions pouring in, plus albums to design and have ordered by Christmas! I’m rooting for you because I know how it feels! sorry i missed you in nashville. keep plugging away!

Comment by Mint&Sage

I’m right there with you. My normal turnaround time is currently longer than it’s ever been. I hope all our clients realize that it’s just because we want to do a great job and not rush anything. Anyone spitting out sessions in a matter of days is either paying someone to do it for them (I wish I could let go of the control like that) or not putting much time and effort into it. Good luck juggling it all.

Comment by nancyhellsten

If you need help…just holla’ 🙂

Comment by Kate C.

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