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Rachel LaCour
November 7, 2007, 3:06 pm
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I know you guys want to see more pictures and you’re tired of reading my thoughts. BUT I just read this great post written by Rachel LaCour. The LaCours are amazing wedding photojournalists who are very inspiring. Their work is extrordinary. I got a lot of encouragement from what she wrote. It’s a very scary thing when you decide to go out on your own and start a business doing what you love. Photography is my passion and the scariest thing is the fear that other people won’t share my vision and my passion for my work. I love her last paragraph that says ” By working hard to follow a vision, money comes, doors open and work seems like play.” God has truly blessed me and shown me that I’ve made the right decision to pursue this full time. I’m constantly amazed that people love my pictures and trust me to capture their lives. So thank you all of you loyal “blog stalkers” for your continued support of my art.

Here’s Rachel’s blog post,


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So I just wanted to say that I hope I don’t sound like a freak for saying this, but Meggie,you have become a huge inspiration to me! Your passion and your work and your fabulous attitude are awesome! You really inspire me to be better at everything in my life, just in the short time I was around you at Shoot with Beckstead and from reading your blog. Thank you!!!

Comment by Jenny

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