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Crazy week in LA
September 14, 2007, 6:42 am
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I feel so lucky. I just finished the second day out at the LA Pictage Partner Conference. I don’t have any pictures to post yet, but I’ll catch up with them as soon as my to do list gets a little smaller. To catch some of you up, Pictage is a great company that I use as my online storefront and lab. They’re so much more than that though. They’ve really made this great community where photographers at all levels can come together and learn from each other. I’ve had the great pleasure to speak to and learn from some of the most sought after and celebrated photographers in our industry. There were so many, there’s no way I can name them all. Some that have shot weddings I KNOW you’ve heard of are Bob Davis (Eva Longoria and Tony Parker), Denis Reggie (JFK Jr and Caroline Bassette, the Today Show Weddings), Mike Colon (Usher), David Jay, Jules Bianchi, Liana Lehman, Nathan and Amber Holritz (I’m just saying them because Nathan is sitting across from me…JK!), and SO many more. I almost feel like it’s not fare to even name a couple of them because they are all so amazing.
I’ve been so hungry for information and learning how other people get their shots and run their business that this has come at the perfect time for me. Now I’ll be coming home, throwing everything away and starting from scratch! Ok, so not really, but I’ll be doing some serious evaluations. Hopefully my blog and websites will be getting a bit of a facelift soon. I’m also going to be starting to send out e-mail newsletters. So if you’re interested in getting any of those, please leave a comment for this post and let me know. I don’t know when I’ll get my first one out, but I’m going to start taking addresses now.
I hope that all of you reading this blog are well and are excited about the upcoming fall season. I know I’m excited for it to not be 100 anymore!


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I am definitely interested in the newsletter. Will you be emailing?

Also, in the Ben and Charity post, is that Charity McCarter from Sevierville? I went to Carson Newman with her. Haven’t seen her in awhile…just wondering!

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