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Little Family Reunion
July 18, 2007, 3:02 pm
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This past Sunday was a time of joy and sorrow for my family. My Grandparents both passed away in the matter of a week. We are so very blessed that they went together. My grandmother went first on July 4th. They didn’t even tell my grandfather because it would have done more harm than good. The good Lord, with I’m sure some urging from my Grandmother, brought him home to be with Him just 6 days after my Grandmother. We all gathered in Hiawassi, GA on Sunday for their memorial service. I know you’re wondering where the joy part of this comes in. This was the first time that my whole family has been together….ever. My Grandmother has prayed and prayed that we would all be together, and I know that she was tickled that our reunion was because of her. She is the one that I was named after, and I will miss them both terribly. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the display and of my family together after we were all good and puffy.

To all of my faithful family bloggers,
It was so good to see all of you on Sunday and I wish we had more time to spend together. I am making Thanksgiving at Big Canoe a mandatory event. If there are objections to this, then we need to plan a reunion this fall or winter. I’m open for suggestions.



These are all of the cousins. Our poor one boy cousin Matthew got stuck in the middle. You’ll also recognize my cousin Joanna who is standing next to me and my sister Eleanor who is between her and Matthew.


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it is so great to see all the family together! i love the cousin pic! and your hair still looks great! i hope to see you at tripps birthday party! i love looking at the blogs!!!

Comment by laura

I am so sorry to hear about the recent loss of your grandparents. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, from what I can see in the family picture, Noah is absolutely adorable! Please share some pics of the lil guy!

Comment by Merrill

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