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My New Hair
April 23, 2007, 2:56 am
Filed under: Misc. Shoots

Well, I finally did it. Most of you who know me, I’ve always had a thing about pink hair. I went to get my hair done on Friday with the thought that I was just going to brighten up the red. When I gave Brandy the reigns to have fun, she did! I was in extreme shock when I first saw it. Friday night was a bit rough too. However, once I got up on Saturday and took some time to style it and add a little curl, I was a lot better. Then when I got some make-up on, I felt even better. Now I LOVE it! That’s usually the story with my hair. I never like it the first day, but I always love it the next. I think that kids have been favorite through the change though. All these little girls that I’ve come across have told me how pretty they think it is. More than one thinks I look like a mermaid!

Yesterday we also started shooting the long awaited promo. I shot my friend Melissa down in the Old City and then in a pool. I haven’t had a chance to do anything but look at them, but I’m totally pumped! We’re shooting the rest of it on Tuesday. More of that to come soon.



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great hair love it:)

Comment by christinalouvierrephoto

I love it!!! It is beautiful!!!

Comment by Amanda Whedbee

Meg!!!! your hair totally rocks my world!! if i only had the guts you did. i would love to die my hair black and have big pink streaks in it. it looks so great and you rock it. love ya. lets get that coffee sometime =)

Comment by Laura

You rock, I love it. It totally fits you. I envy it!!

Comment by lucy

Don’t know if you remember me, I used to work with Adam. I ran into him last nigt and he said I had to check out your site and your hair. I love them both, your pictures are amazing!! Maybe one of these days you can do my Wedding!!

Comment by Hilaire McCaughna

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